Who am I? (Bookmark about me)

I have been a personal trainer for 5 years and my professional mission is to help others change their eating habits for healthier and the appreciation of active lifestyle. I work with both individual clients and organize classes for organized groups. As an experienced personal trainer I know about choosing valuable nutrients as well as physical activity. In my daily work I am distinguished by good and individual contact with the client, as well as detailed analysis of the way of exercising. I advise my clients in what they should eat in order to achieve effective results, but above all, I support them with a good word and motivate them to work on themselves. Sport is my constant passion. I was interested in gymnastics since childhood, and since university in endurance training. I help my clients understand how the human body works and how to effectively increase the strength of one's body during training.

As an experienced personal trainer, in everyday work I see not only the most common mistakes, but most importantly, I help people pay attention to them. I work with people who are just starting their adventure at the gym, wanting to learn more about supplements and living actively. I help to create individual workouts so that my clients can shed extra pounds, build a muscular body while achieving satisfactory results and physical fitness. The knowledge I have gained over the years has helped me help others succeed and motivate them to do sports and be active in life.